Information as requested, Or not!

Did I receive Spam Mail from Keith Griggs?

I received a mail today from a gentleman wanting to start up a joint venture with me. The proposal was based around creating an SEO business (something he said that he was already very good at). So how did I respond to the mail?

I suppose I could’ve been flattered by his approach, I mean it seemed financially to not be such a bad deal (apart from the 100 quid I’d have to fork over to show my commitment of course)… but even before I started looking into the key content of the mail 2 things struck me which meant I didn’t think that this guy really wanted to start a business with me.

Firstly he didn’t address me by name… this is something that unless you’re hidden deep in a large organisation, shouldn’t be too hard to find out. Yup, this was (content aside) starting to smell of a mass mail campaign.

Second up (though I should really have spotted this first) was the email subject line “SEO Experts – Information as requested”… so there we have it… I have never asked for any information from these guys. I honestly have never understood why spammers use such subject lines. Perhaps they think that my business is so big that someone else (who I don’t talk to but knows that I’d want the information) passed a request on for me?

Either way I filed it under spam and Keith Griggs can go suck an egg and see just how well this article will rank for “Keith Griggs send me spam mail”. I’ll check back in a few days to see if google index me for that.

I have also tweeted Keith Griggs to ask him to not send me spam… at the time of writing he hadn’t responded.

I don’t know for sure that this is spam… but to me it sure seems like it.

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  1. Glad it did Rachel.

    Nope, no real follow up… but if you search for Keith Griggs in Google then this page appears on the first page of results. It’s also the first entry on the Keith Griggs 123People page… so perhaps this blog entry about him spamming me was worth it.

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