Todd Halfpenny
Credit: London’s Calling

Hi, I’m Todd… and I’ve been interested in making things easier for as long as I can remember. Perhaps I’m lazy, maybe I’m not very clever… though if you ask me it’s just because I can’t believe that things have to be as difficult as they are.

I’ve been working with code since the late ’90s, and am currently Chief Mobile Technical Architect at MobileCaddy, where we’re helping Salesforce customers get the mobile apps their businesses deserve.

I love all things tech, and specifically anything related to Mobile, WordPress, and JavaScript.


Unleashing the Power of Salesforce Flows: Introducing the Flow Visualiser Extension for VS Code

In the ever-evolving landscape of Salesforce development, efficiency and clarity are key components of success. As developers, we often find ourselves navigating complex flows, seeking ways to enhance our understanding and streamline our workflow. Enter the Salesforce Flow Visualiser extension for Visual Studio Code, a game-changing tool designed to revolutionise the way we interact with …

Creating Salesforce Preview Release Scratch Orgs – Error VR-0003

For a couple of releases now we’ve seen that creating Salesforce Scratch Orgs on a preview release has been throwing us errors. During this last release window though it now seems we at least no what the issue is. But first a bit of background. Salesforce provide three major releases a year (Winter, Spring, and Summer), …