Ok, so Todget is able to check balances, allowance information as well as paying bills and topping up by debit or credit card but I thought that the title would be too overwhelming. Oh I forgot that it provides jokes too 🙂

Todget is simply a front end to all those confusing SMS commands that you can use on your mobile phone to manage your phone account. It as mentioned above supports the following services (only currently available on T-Mobile UK):

  • Check you balance (this is for pay as you go as well as for contract customers including flext
  • get allowance info (such as Roaming minutes, number of MMS)
  • Pay you bill by credit/debit card for contract customers
  • Top up your account (for prepay customers)
  • Get a nifty joke… and maybe help you pull

OK, here’s my ‘get out of jail free card’… at the time of writing all the above (except the Joke service) are free.

Since it’s a nifty little java application for your mobile it is supported by the majority of cell phones.

I heard there’s rumours that support for other networks would be supported… let’s hope so.

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