Best Ribbit Transcription… ever

I use a service called Ribbit to handle my voicemails and they send me a text and email of the transcribed message as well as an mp3 of the audio. As it’s a free service I tend not to be too worried about the exact content of the message as long as I get the general idea.

Today though, I received an amazingly baffling (not to mention “blue”) transcription of a voicemail that was left for me… and I thought I’d share it with you all;


Regards shit just wanted to have please go understand now Bridges a log so conflict legal due to any of the keeps issue and the construction any finance to.

Actual message left:

Hello Todd, Pankaj here. Just wanted to have quick chat to understand, erm, whether the logs are confirmatory or… do you see any other issue in that because the scripts are now running fine as expected.