Starting an online business – A case study

So how difficult is it to set up an online business? What steps need to be taken and how can it be made successful? What can be done to make it all easier and what mistakes can be made (and hopefully how can we avoid them)?

But first of all why would you (or I) want to do this? Well it could be for any number of reasons really but for me it’s primarily an experiment… I am actually just curious.

I should say at this point that this series of posts is not a “how-to” guide in starting an online shop/business it’s more of a “docu-soap” into my attempt at doing so. I don’t have all the answer and I’m certainly not (at least not yet) an expert in this area. But what I do hope to provide is an account of how I went about it, what decisions I made and why and ultimately how successful or unsuccessful I was.

Hopefully the outcome will be helpful to some and what’s more at least slightly entertaining. OK, thinking hat on… here we go!

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