My 1st Plugin is Released

As part of my work for Gingerbread Design I have just released my first WordPress plugin into the wild. The plugin provides bulk functionality to help manage eCommerce web sites/stores. Details of the plugin can be found on the official plugin homepage and of course can be downloaded from the plugin directory.

Please, please try this out if you use the WP e-Commerce plugin in your own web site/store and let me know which other bulk features may be of interest and most use to you.

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  1. HI Todd,

    This plugin is perfect for the clients website. They have a shoe store and they want to make all shoes on a discount in the boots category. However I just can’t seem to get it to work. it states it is activated but i just don’t see it. I am using the latest version of e-commerce, with gold cart on the latest version of wordpress as of 2-2-10. This would be awesome if you have any troubleshooting advice.

    Thanks Matt

  2. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for showing interest in the plugin.
    I think the issue may be to do with the WP version… sadly I haven’t been very good at keeping this up to date. I am working on the updated version to work with the latest WP and WP e-commerce (the DB tables were altered in recent updates). I’ll leave another comment when the plugin has been updated and you can give it a whirl.


  3. Hey Matt,

    Version 0.0.2 is available now and should work with the latest and greatest wordpress release.

    Please let me know if you have any issues or if you have any other feedback.

  4. Todd –
    Is there any way you can add the ability to upload a csv file and mass change the prices on items based on the sku from the productmeta table? (btw… also send you a msg on twitter) Thanks.

  5. Alex,

    There’s a 0.0.3 version of the plugin now which should do what you want.
    I recommend testing this on a dev version of the site 1st just to make sure. I have done some fairly rigorous testing but you can never be too sure 🙂

    Let me know how you get on.

  6. Thanks AK… Link corrected.
    You shouldn’t have to do anything special to make the layout fluid apart from activate the theme. When looking at your site on my phone it renders as expected. You should know that the fluid layout does not work in IE just yet… which browser are you using?

  7. AK, I have also just checked your site in FF and can confirm that it’s nice and liquidy. Let me know if you have any further queries.

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