How not to get our support

I just received an email from a lovely guy/gal complaining about how they wasted some time trying to get one of our plugins working. Sadly in this case we’re not going to even bother to help them sort out the issues but instead are going to use them as an example on how to not get our support.

So here we go… things to remember or take note of when wanting help;

  • Ask us… yup that’s quite important!
  • Our plugins are free
  • We generally do not charge people for adhoc support for our free plugins
  • Be polite… ’nuff said on that one
  • Even if we can’t help there’s a huge community at that are more than likely to be of some assistance

And there we have it… it’s not a tough list to take in and we believe that most of the things on there are common sense too.

Oh, almost forgot… here’s the mail that we received… so if you do want our help it’s best not to use this as a template.

Wasted 2 hours trying to figure out your instructions for pages plugin. When you make something you really should try to write more the what you did for this. I just erase of the site and gave up.

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