Homegrown Garlic: Pt 1

Back on the 19th of October The Badja and I planted 10 garlic cloves into a modulated potting tray following the helpful guide in Carol Klein’s Gorw Your Own Veg book. To be honest all we did was plant a single clove in compost in each module and kept the tray watered well.

And now, only 18 days on they’re all pretty much on the way. We’ve kept the tray on our bay window cill and as you can see the majority of them have not been put off by the chilly last couple of weeks.

Newly sowed Garlic
Recently Sown Garlic

7 of the 10 cloves are certainly making progress and are looking pretty good. They will be translanted outside into our raised bed (to keep the rhubarb company) just before Christmas.

I plan on sowing another 10 cloves at the start of December to hopefully give me an ongoing crop.

I’ve also ordered some broad bean and Iglo cauliflower seeds from the web so I hope they turn up soon so we can get them on the way too.

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