Government Gateway Update

Following on an ealier rant I had about the unusable Government Gateway I mailed my local MP (Mrs. Anne Main – Conservative) and various email addresses I could find for the operators of the site stating my frustrations. To be fair to all who I contacted I had quick responses from everyone… none however could supply me with a resolution to my issue.

Houses of_Parliament
Houses of_Parliament

Those involved in the site have told me that they hope to have the functionality where a user can un-enrol and then re-enrol sometime next year. Anne replied (be letter… how old SkOol) mentioning that she has “written to the Government” on my behalf and says she’ll get back to me when she has a response.

So, no real progression for me and my VAT return… looks like I’ll be filling it in by hand this year. I will, of course, post any update on this.

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  1. Just another quick update (not worthy of an actual post).
    I received another mail today from Anne Main which contained a copy of the letter that she received from 10 Downing Street. Essentially it just said that the Prime Minister had requested that “Todd Halfpenny’s query” have a specific individual response.

    I’m not quite sure what this really means but hopefully this implies that the Government Gateway issue is looked at in detail.

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