Government Gateway or Government Barrier

For me the Government Gateway is more like a Government Barrier since there is no way at all that I can use the online services that it’s meant to offer… seriously NO WAY. And to boot I’ve been told that this might be the case forever.

No way in
No way in

Basically I’d forgotten my password and so went to look for a “reset button”. This actually isn’t on the main page but instead linked to from a deeper page (I infact had to pretend that I was wanting to apply for a new driving license!!!). Once I’d found the link I had to enter some basic personal information and was then prompted for 3 (yes 3) pieces of memorable information… these were a name a place and a date. Now maybe it’s just me (I hope it’s not) but there are a few choices available to me for all these items. I’ve tried all the combinations I can think of but to no avail.

Hope was not lost at first though as there’s a telephone number to call if you’ve forgotten all the information. I called that I got through to a lovely understanding lady who sadly told me that they cannot reset my password either unless I gave them the same information… they have no greater power (i.e. telling me which pieces I might have got right) than the website! I asked what I could do next and was told “nothing”, “there’s no more that you can do”. The lady did mention that there was talk of a “fix” being put in place to fill this ‘gap’ but that proabably won’t be in place until next year at the earliest and that’s if they do anything at all.

I can’t believe I’m the only one in this boat so please please fill in the feedback form on their site asking for this feature to be added.

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  1. Hey,

    I told it is the worst site I have ever visited. I can tell you it doesn’t get any better once you are in!! Submitted the form as you suggested – I’d drop a line to BH….they probably have had the problem before.

  2. I had a digital certificate and all was fine until things went wrong. I have been informed (eventually after 10 days and speaking to another dept) that the gateway are not supporting DC’s anymore and have even revoked there own! As my email is attached to the DC you would have thought they would sent a notification that certificates are no longer supported. There is no help number on the website unless you are prepared to make a dummy registration just to get it.

    A Barrier it is indeed!

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