From a Problem to 100,000 Downloads

It was 1054 days ago that I first wanted to place a WordPress widget into a post I was writing. Whether it was for a client site or personal one I can’t remember… the important thing is that out of the solution I came up with emerged the Widgets On Pages WordPress plugin.

The plugin has undergone very little change since it’s 0.0.1 check-in to the plugin repository but since then it’s had very favourable reviews and been included in several blog posts and conference talks. But more importantly, for today at least, it’s now been downloaded over 100,000 times!

It has a current rating of 4.7/5 and at the time of writing sits as the 105th most highest rated plugin on the repository. 105th might not seem too good but it should be noted there are over 23,800 plugins in the repo.

5 Replies to “From a Problem to 100,000 Downloads”

  1. Hi Todd,
    Just a note to say how useful I am finding this plugin for styling my pages. It has worked a treat.

  2. I have been using the Widgets on Pages plugin on a website I’m designing locally and I have loved it. Unfortunately I just updated to WP version 3.8 and your plugin doesn’t work anymore (I’ve read several places that I’m not the only one experiencing this). Will you be doing an update any time soon? I also have the same issue with bullets that Anbusivam mentioned in April 2013. Thank you.

  3. I just also want to say thanks for writing this plugin. It’s fabulous and so important.

    If you wouldn’t mind replying to me, I just wanted to know if the plugin is still being “supported” by you and if you will be making any further enhancements or at least .. will you be available to assist with any fixes (should any be needed and posted in the WordPress support area for the plugin)? I was just curious if you are still supporting the plugin .. and to what extent, as questions or issues might arise as WP continues to change and improve as well. Just let me know if you would. Thanks again for creating this plugin.


  4. Todd, I like your plugin a lot. I noticed that you advised people on how to format. I want to use it for a biography page called About Me currently, however is there a way for me to put the Widget on the right side similar to a sidebar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve

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