Google Chrome… and the corporate environment

So today Google announced that their browser Chrome was out of beta… sadly they appeared to have missed one of the primary complaints of the earlier versions which was that the installer has to connect back to the internet to download supporting files. This is all fine apart from if you’re behind a proxy that requires authentication… and this is a very real situation for many corporate users.

Chrome Logo
Google Chrome

A quick search on the net revealled that many users are already complaining about this (and many actually raised this during the beta phase too). There is, at least I don’t think there is, anyway of installing behind a proxy. I hate to say it but this time Google seem to have missed a trick.

What is success

Throughout this series I’ve been looking into starting an online business. This quick post looks into what success means for me in this experiment.

Man holding a trophy
What is success?

Success can mean a variety of things to different people. It could mean being able to survive solely on the business, it could mean being in the top 5 companies for a particular product search on Google… or it could be just surviving the first year of business.

In the case of iLoveShirt (and in the context of this experiment) success will be measured against the following goals:

  1. Still being in business after 1 year
  2. Having a positive bank balance (any profit would be seen as a bonus)
  3. Being personally happy with the past year and wanting to continue trading for another year. This is perhaps the most important goal to me)
  4. >80% customer satisfaction. This is not to say I won’t strive for 100% but in life there are just some people that are never happy.

Of course, returning to the fact that this is an experiment, I shan’t (hopefully) be too unhinged by any failings that occur in the year’s trading. That is as long as the business learns from these events even if they are not bought on by something in our control. There is always room to mitigate any damages.

With these goals in mind and a lot more thoughts running through my head it’s time to turn my attention to the business plan. Perhaps this should have been completed sooner rather than later… but as long as it’s looked at then better late than never. This business plan should make up the next post in the series and perhaps will be a lengthy one.

Government Gateway Update

Following on an ealier rant I had about the unusable Government Gateway I mailed my local MP (Mrs. Anne Main – Conservative) and various email addresses I could find for the operators of the site stating my frustrations. To be fair to all who I contacted I had quick responses from everyone… none however could supply me with a resolution to my issue.

Houses of_Parliament
Houses of_Parliament

Those involved in the site have told me that they hope to have the functionality where a user can un-enrol and then re-enrol sometime next year. Anne replied (be letter… how old SkOol) mentioning that she has “written to the Government” on my behalf and says she’ll get back to me when she has a response.

So, no real progression for me and my VAT return… looks like I’ll be filling it in by hand this year. I will, of course, post any update on this.

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

So we’re starting a new business as an experiment… what next? Well we need an idea; we need to have at least a basic idea of what the business will provide. Will it be a service or a product?

Starting a Business
Starting a Business

Well I’ve always liked comical T-Shirts (at least I think they’re funny) and in the past I’ve scrawled down some ideas for designs of my own in my old beaten moleskine… so this is gonna be my domain. I realise that these online T-Shirt shops are ten-a-penny but at the moment I don’t actually think this’ll be too much of an issue… I’ll go into this in more detail later on.

Oh, once again I should make it clear that when I say “I don’t actually think this’ll be too much of an issue” that this is exactly what I mean… this is only my current thinking and I may be wrong… very wonrg. This, being an experiment, is however not really a bad thing.

What’s in a name?

Ok, so we know now that we’re going to design and sell T-Shirts… what’s next? Well we need a name. And one that will also be our domain name as we’re are talking about an online business (actually this would probably be needed even it wasn’t going to be purely an online business). Ideally this name will contain a useful keyword to aid decent search engine results and also shouldn’t be too long so is easy to type. A name should be fine for starters I think.

I have investigated a few names that I liked and to no surprise most of these were taken aleady. I have also decided to drop the “t” from T-shirt as this would reduce scope for confusion with a “hyphen/no hypen” query. In the end I have settled for as a play on words from the “Anchoran, The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (one of my fave films ever) quote “I Love Lamp”.

With the domain secured we’re ready to move on. In this instance I’m not registering a company but instead am hoping to use an existing company I have and have a “trading name”  (I need to confirm that this’ll be fine… but I’m sure it is). This approach saved a few pennies surrounding the setting up of a business tasks. I imagine that this has saved ~£200/£300 .

Right, that’s it for now… back next time with some info on where I want the business to get to.

New Moo Business Cards

So with the launch of the new colour-scheme over on Gingerbread Design main site it was time to get some new business cards printed up. Having read only good things about I decided to give them a shot… and boy was I pleased with their service and products!

Following getting the first batch through in the post I was disappointed to see that the ‘front’ had a black background instead of the white I was expecting. I mailed the Moo customer service suggesting that perhaps this was due to my use of transparent png images. They promptly replied stating that ‘yes’ they use a default black background colour. They also offered me a discount code enabling me to get a second order for free (inc P&P) and that once I’d placed it they’d check to make sure that they looked OK.

Once I’d replaced my order I did contact them giving my order number and got a reply back from their CS saying that all was good with my new cards… what great customer service!

Our new business cards
Our new business cards

And front…

Our new business cards
Our new business cards

I would definitely recommend Moo to anyone who needs this kind of printing to be done… just brilliant!

Oh… there’s a useful page here with a template image that can be used.